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Building Above the Status Quo

Building off a foundation of traditional architecture, Cagley Homes combines a passion for relationships and innovative design. We create truly custom homes that meet the desires of a homeowner by listening well, attending to details, and thinking outside the box with creativity and expertise. Our residential custom homes take things up a notch in the Baton Rouge community.

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Get to Know the Cagleys

Nick and Jennifer are a husband and wife team, combining their gifts into a passion for building above average homes. Nick is creative, yet meticulous in his attention to detail and care for the client. Jennifer is motivated to make things happen by cultivating a process that works and creating an enjoyable experience for the client. Together they are a dynamic duo who live to see a home come together, making their work through Cagley Homes so much more than just a day job.

A Distinct Experience

Site Planning

Choosing a lot or deciding how to build on your land is a critical step in realizing your dream home. Our team has consulted hundreds of families on how best to utilize their property to maximize beauty, value and efficiency. We start by evaluating the opportunities and constraints of the property — considering views, driveway placement, neighboring properties, etc. We can also help identify and consult on any site work that will be needed to effectively develop the lot.

Residential Design

Partnering with your residential architect, Cagley Homes has a proven track record of being able to control costs and advise custom homeowners on how to maximize the value in their new homes. We work with many area architects to ensure that your plans are not only functional and beautiful, but also efficient and buildable. This phase also gives us an opportunity to help you manage your budget and offer innovative solutions to make sure your money is being spent to maximize value and enjoyment.

Construction & Project Management

As a licensed, insured residential contractor, Cagley Homes has the experience and the know-how to help you navigate the complexities of building a new custom home. From budgeting to building, we offer a full-service approach to managing the construction of your custom home. Our network of subcontractors is among the best in Baton Rouge — offering access to skilled tradesman with a proven track record for delivering a high quality home — on time and on budget.

  • Personal 200-point Home Inspection
  • Project Management
  • Real-Time Client Communication
  • Ongoing Quality Control
  • New Home Warranty
  • Budget Management
  • Hardscaping & Pool Construction
Interior Design Consultation

Whether you hire an interior designer or not, Cagley Homes can provide consultation on the interior look and flow of your home. We pride ourselves on adding a high degree of detail where it makes an impact in your home. This gives your home a distinctly personal feel with an attention to craftsmanship.

We'd love to make your dreams of unique luxury living in Louisiana come true. Let's build your custom home together.